The number of homeless people has doubled in the last decade in France and there are already around 330,000, according to data revealed this Tuesday by the Abbe Pierre Foundation.

Iran PressEurope: The foundation estimates that the number of people who are homeless, in emergency accommodation, or in an asylum seeker center has increased by almost 130% since 2012, the date of the last study by the French statistics institute (Insee) on the issue.

The figure includes some 200,000 people in emergency residences, in addition to 110,000 migrants in reception centers or asylum seekers, plus some 27,000 homeless people, who are forced to sleep on the street, in the subway, under a store camping, or in a car.

As in previous years, the Abbe Pierre Foundation strongly criticized the government of President Emmanuel Macron and considered that 2022 was “an empty or almost empty year” in the fight against housing insecurity.

“Rarely has such a large gap been seen between the situation of precarious housing (…) and the insufficiency of public responses to make housing more affordable”, indicated the foundation in its annual report, in which it highlighted that inflation is primed with the most modest homes.