Baghdad (IP) - The Spokesman of the Iraqi Nujaba Movement says the Islamic Republic of Iran's retake of its tanker from the American thieves showed the dignity of Islam.

Iran PressMiddle East: In a tweet on Thursday, Nasr al-Shammari wrote: "This courageous approach is a good way to curb Americans' aggression; Barbarism that threatens international norms and is a disrespect to the sovereignty of the countries of the region."

Al-Shammari called on all free people in the world, especially the Muslim nations of the region, to put approaches similar to that of the Islamic Republic on their agenda against any foreign violation of their countries' sovereignty and independence.

On Wednesday, the United States confiscated a tanker carrying Iranian oil exports in the waters of the Oman Sea and diverted its oil shipment to another tanker to an unknown destination.

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At the same time, the forces of the IRGC navy captured the deck of the tanker via heliborne operation and directed it to the territorial waters of Iran.

Earlier, the US stole a shipment of masks intended for Germany, its famous ally, in an increasingly fraught global market for coronavirus protective equipment.


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