Baku (IP) – Iranian students of the Valiasr educational complex in Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, participated in the Aban 13th (November 4th) ceremony, the Iranian national day of fight against global arrogance.

Iran PressAsia: Iranian Ambassador to Baku Abbas Mousavi was present at the ceremony and Iranian students performed various programs on the occasion.

In an interview with Iran Press reporter in Baku, some Iranian students, while condemning US' actions against the Iranian nation and congratulating on Aban 13th (November 4th), underlined that US policies had created insecurity in the region.

These students explained that the 13th of Aban was the day when Iranian youths gave their blood so that the US would leave Iran, and they succeeded, and the new generation would continue the ideals of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

The event was also held at the 22nd educational complex in Ankara, the capital of Türkiye, with the presence of students.

In the ceremony, Iranian students performed various programs to commemorate Aban 13th.


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