North Korea has broadcast a brand new warning from Supreme Chief Kim Jong Un following a collection of missile tests.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a test of two “long-range strategic cruise missiles” on Wednesday to “expand” the capabilities of units in charge of nuclear weapons, according to state media.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised tests of long-range cruise missiles, which he described as a successful demonstration of his military’s expanding nuclear strike capabilities and readiness for “actual war,” state media said Thursday.

Wednesday’s tests extended a record number of weapons demonstrations this year by North Korea, which has punctuated its testing activity with threats to preemptively use nuclear weapons against South Korea and the United States if it perceives its leadership as under threat.

The missiles, launched at an undisclosed time at night, struck a target after flying around 1,240 miles (2,000 km) in oval and figure-eight patterns over the West Sea for about 170 minutes, the Rodong Sinmun reported on Thursday. South Korean military authorities did not previously announce whether they detected the test in real-time. 

Kim also ordered the launch to test the “rapid reaction ability of our nuclear combat force,” while Thursday’s report said the long-range strategic cruise missiles have already been “deployed at the tactical nuclear operation units of the Korean People’s Army.” 219