Kano (IP) - Prominent human rights activists, Sunni and Shi'a Islamic scholars as well as politicians on Saturday have joined thousands of people who participated in the anti-Israeli rally held in Kano City, the commercial center of Nigeria.

Iran PressAfrica: Hajiya Najaatu Bala Mohammad, a prominent Nigerian female politician, and human rights activist alongside Sunni Muslim scholars such as Sheikh Umar Mati from Qadriyya Sufi School of Thought, Imam Saifullah Riyadhul Janna, Shiekh Shuaibu Musa, Malama Amina Muhammad, Maryam Ismail and Mahmoud Khalil delivered speech to thousands of people that gathered Infront of Emir of Kano's palace.

"Nigerian Government must cut ties with Israel, Kano Stands with Palestine, Death to Israel, We are all Palestinians" are some of the expressions written on the placards and banners held by the participants while some wore shirts with flags of Palestine.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press at the sideline of the rally, Hajiya Najaatu Bala Mohammad said the issue of Palestine is about humanity, not religion. "You see, it's not just about Islam and it's not just about Muslims' leaders. It is about humanity. It is about the right to live. Is about the right to justice. It's about the right to own your land and be free in your land. It's about saying no to the massacre of innocent people. Is about saying no to inhumanity. It is about saying yes to Justice for the Palestinians."

Their land has been taken away from them. They have been killed, and they are still being killed and the world sits and watches. No! We are saying no to it. It is unacceptable. As human beings, we have a right to live as free as everybody else because this is a God-given right. God has given us the right to live in peace and the right to own our land, the right to justice. Palestine has none of these rights. So, we are saying no to it. They have been occupied for over seventy-five years.

So, we have to say no to it. It's unacceptable. It is just like people coming over to Nigeria and taking over our land and killing us and making us subservient and turning us into slaves. As we are speaking today, hundreds are being killed. As we are talking today, they are being pushed to the desert or pushed into the sea. This is unacceptable. We have to say no to it's not just anyone who cannot speak, is an accomplice, cowardice is complicity. So, we are saying no to it. And those who support (Israel), are supporting either out of ignorance or out of selfishness. We are saying no to it. If you don't want to be occupied, if you don't want to be massacred, if you don't want to live alive of perpetual humiliation, then we have to hear your voice."


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