The Nigerian thinker Noor Muhammad Khalid stated that commemorating International Quds Day is of particular importance considering the ongoing war in Gaza, and emphasized that Israel's goal is to evict the Palestinian people from their lands eventually, and the world is forgetting this issue. Therefore, focusing on the Palestinian issue is more vital than ever in the current situation.

Iran PressAfrica: The Nigerian thinker in an interview pointed out the enemies' concern about the efforts of some Muslim countries to keep the issue of Palestine alive and added: One of the main reasons for the influence of terrorist groups in the region in recent years is to confront the idea of unity and support of the oppressed nations of the region. These extremist groups tried their best to create religious strife and destroy unity among Muslims.

He stated that the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran declared Quds Day as a symbol of the unity and solidarity of Muslims and support for the Palestinian people. All Muslims should be united against the policies of the West and Israel.

Stating that Quds Day reminds us that the freedom of Palestine is the only issue that creates the greatest unity among Muslims in the world, Noor Muhammad Khalid added: In addition, Quds Day is the key to making peace in the Middle East and the world. This day remembers that the work of Muslims continues and the unity and political unity among Muslims for the cause of justice and resistance against oppression should continue. 219

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