Nigerian (IP) - The youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has paid a courtesy visit to Churches across the country to wish Christian citizens Merry Christmas on Monday 25 December 2023 and distributed the written Christmas message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and presented gifts.

Iran PressAfrica: In Bauchi State, the Muslims Youth visited the State headquarters of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) located at Kagadama in Bauchi city.

During the visit, the Muslim youths sang a song praising Jesus Christ (PBUH) and presented his painting to the Church.

The leadership of the COCIN Church allowed the Muslim youths to speak before the Christians.

Shehu Ahmad on behalf of the Muslim youths narrated the history of the first migration of companions of the holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) under Ja'far ibn Abi Talib who went to Habasha (Ethiopia) to seek refuge from idolatries in Makkah who wanted to kill.

Shehu Ahmad said Christians were never enemies of Muslims and never will be.

"In the past Christmas written message distributed at the churches in Nigeria," Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said.

"This chosen prophet of God (Jesus Christ), invited mankind to the path of God, which is the path to mankind’s prosperity and happiness; he warned them against pursuing their evil desires, contaminating the purity of the human soul into depravity, cruelty, and wantonness. Tyrannical, corrupt, and aggressive powers who were the slaves of wealth and power–strained and slandered this divine messenger and intended to take his life; then God embraced him safely and securely. They tortured his apostles and adherents, for years, to destroy his teachings which were against corruption, oppression, idolatry, dissoluteness, warmongering, and deceiving the public.  They, who were themselves corrupt, oppressive, dissolute, warmongers and deceived people could not tolerate God’s religion, God’s prophet, and the followers of the divine path."

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press after the Christmas celebration in the Church, Reverend David Amos, leader of the Church of Christ in Nations, Bauchi, said the visiting of the church by the Muslim youths has changed the world's views on Islam.

"When a group of Muslim youths would have the interest to visit Christians during the celebration of their savior, which we know is one of the major demarcations between Christianity and Islam is the fact that the Muslims do not believe that Jesus is a son of God, or God came into human form. But seeing the fact that this Islamic Movement identified, (visiting the church), it changed the world's view of us, most especially myself," said Amos.

The Christian leader also believes that such religious tolerance shown by the Muslim youths would build the synergy between Islam and Christianity in Nigeria, the country that witnessed so many crises between followers of the two religions and claimed many lives.


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