Abuja (IP) - In Abuja, the administrative and political capital of Nigeria, members of the Nigerian Police Force opened fire with live ammunition at the peaceful Quds Day rally killing a fifteen-year-old boy, and injuring many others.

Iran PressAfrica: Maryam Gashua, chairperson of the Martyrs Foundation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria confirmed that attack in an Iran Press correspondent via phone call.

An eyewitness, Isa Charis, said the procession at Fu'ad Mosque in Abuja was going peacefully before the arrival of the Nigerian Police Force who started shooting at the people which led to the martyrdom of Yaqoub Umar a 15 years old teenager popularly known as Khalifa, on the spot and many more wounded.

Also in Kaduna State, at least 20 people who participated in the Quds Day rally have been injured in another armed attack by the Nigerian Police.

On 25 July 2014, 35 unarmed people were gunned down by the combined security forces in Zaria in a deadly attack on Quds day, among the martyrs were Ahmad Ibrahim Zakzaky, Hamid Ibrahim Zakzaky, and Mahmud Ibrahim Zakzaky, sons of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press last week, a senior member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Professor Abdullahi Danladi accused the Nigerian government of being a Western puppet.

Professor Danladi said "The Nigerian Government is serving the West and the West is controlled by zionists. Therefore, when we come out in Nigeria for solidarity with Palestine, the Nigerian authorities feel uncomfortable because we are now challenging the hegemony of their masters."


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