Nigeria (IP) – In Abuja and many states of Nigeria, school children gathered in stadiums to celebrate the 2022 International Children's Day, a day set by the United Nations in 1950 to honor and appreciate children on the 20th of November, though the date of observance varies by country.

Iran PressAfrica: In Nigeria, International Children's Day is celebrated on the 27th of May.

In the Bauchi State of Nigeria, thousands of children and their parents have gathered at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium for the celebrations. Some of the children who participated in the event who talked to the Iran Press have lamented the insecurity challenges affecting the lives of the country's children.

A primary school pupil, Zainab Ahmad Adamu, prayed to Allah to bring peace and unity to the country.

Another student of Junior Secondary School in Bauchi State, Esther Ogonna Gaius, said, "I want to use this opportunity to thank Almighty God for today's event. I have something to say about my friends and other Nigerians, some were killed, and kidnappers captured some, we pray that may God Almighty bring unity and peace to Nigeria."

Nigeria has a population of more than 200 million, and 46 percent of the people are children under the age of 15; and the research revealed that one in three of Nigeria's whole population lives below the poverty line, a problem that is contributing to the increase of malnutrition that kills the children.

Also, another report revealed that 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria, which is the highest rate in the world. The figure indicates that one-third of Nigerian children are not in school, and one in five out-of-school children in the world is a Nigerian.


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