Tehran (IP) – Iranian president expressed hope that the economic war would end in the new Iranian year.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani stated that many countries had been challenging with the coronavirus.

"It has also impacted people's livelihood, job, social and economic aspects of lives," he added.

"We knew no one would help us to get masks, vaccines, disinfectants, and other things," he noted.

Rouhani said his administration had helped people support their livelihood and allocated 3-month livelihood packages.

"The government has also allocated one billion dollars to the Health Ministry amid the coronavirus outbreak; we also export some of our anti-coronavirus materials and hope to prepare the vaccine," he said.

He pointed out that enemies had waged an economic war against Iran for three years, but Iranians stood firm.

"During the "Surge in Production" year, 12 petrochemical macro projects were inaugurated," Rouhani said.


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