Rasht (IP) - The Rasht-Caspian railway was officially inaugurated on Thursday, marking a significant milestone in Iran's transport infrastructure development. The ceremony saw the participation of Mohammad Mokhbar, Acting President, and Mehrdad Bazarpash, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, alongside a host of national and provincial dignitaries.

Iran PressIran news: Stretching 37 kilometers, the Rasht-Caspian railway forms a crucial segment of Iran's ambitious north-south corridor. It links the central part of Gilan province to the strategic port of Anzali, enhancing Iran's connectivity with regional countries and Europe.

The project, which carries a hefty investment of over 30 thousand billion Rials, underscores the importance placed on infrastructure to stimulate economic growth and facilitate trade. With daily transactions estimated to value around 60 thousand billion Rials, this new railway is expected to be a vital conduit for mixed cargo exchanges between the southern and northern ports of Iran.

This rail link not only promises to boost local economies but also plays a pivotal role in transforming Iran's logistical frameworks, connecting sea-to-sea corridors and fortifying its position as a key transit hub in the region.