Tehran (IP)- The director-general of Bushehr Province’s Ports and Maritime Department said the new Bushehr shipping line to the countries of the Persian Gulf was launched, with a focus on the UAE.

Iran PressIran news: Iran has launched a direct container shipping line from the country’s southwestern Bushehr Port to the United Arab Emirates Port of Jebel Ali, the director-general of Bushehr Province’s Ports and Maritime Department Mohammad Shakibi-Nasab announced.

During a speech at the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding between the Bushehr port operator and UAE company, Mohammad Shakibi-Nasab added in the last ten months, the container department in Bushehr port has grown by nearly 48% compared to the previous period. 

According to Mohammad Shakibi-Nasab, launching the mentioned shipping line will boost the economic exchanges between the two countries, IRIB reported.

He further noted that with the new line operation, the cost of transporting export cargoes has also been reduced for the two sides’ traders.

Mentioning the province's capacities for expansion of transport ties with neighboring countries, Shakibi-Nasab said the infrastructure in the province’s 11 ports has been positively developed over the past few years.

Early in January, the head of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) met with the UAE’s ambassador to Tehran, during which the two sides stressed the acceleration of mutual port, maritime, and transit cooperation. 

Iran launchs shipping line from Bushehr to UAE

In the meeting, UAE Ambassador Saif Mohamed Obaid Jasem Al Zaabi underlined the capacities of UAE companies for port and maritime investment in neighboring countries, especially Iran, and announced a field visit by his country’s experts to Iranian ports soon.

The Arab official also referred to the very good transportation and transit infrastructure in his country and welcomed Iran's approach to developing transit cooperation with CIS countries.

Al Zaabi emphasized the need for the expansion of economic relations between Tehran and Abu Dhabi, expressing the trust and interest of the UAE government in developing port and maritime cooperation with Iran.

PMO Head Ali-Akbar Safaei for his part stressed the strategy of the Iranian government to develop economic cooperation and good relations with neighboring countries, saying that the development of maritime relations between Iran and the United Arab Emirates is crucial for the Islamic Republic.

Stating that Iran is ready to develop maritime, transit, and port relations with Abu Dhabi, Safaei emphasized: “Transit and port connections between Tehran and Abu Dhabi with Central Asian countries and other nations can be formed quickly and prosper very fast.”

The official also welcomed any investment by UAE port and maritime companies in Iran’s southern ports, especially Shahid Rajaei Port and Chabahar Port.

"Chabahar Port has very good capacities and the private sector of the United Arab Emirates can forge long-term investment contracts in Chabahar port," he said. 


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