West Asia(IP): Mediators in the ongoing talks in Cairo have proposed a three-stage ceasefire to end the war in the Gaza Strip, media quoted informed sources as saying.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press, one key aspect of the proposal from the mediating parties involves the return of unarmed displaced civilians to the northern Gaza Strip, although specific numbers were not provided.

Additionally, the proposal calls on Israel to accept the opening of Al-Rashid and Salah Al-Din Streets, with Israeli forces stationed 500 meters away from these areas. Salah Al-Din is the main highway connecting North-South of Gaza.

Furthermore, the proposal includes provisions for the daily entry of 500 aid trucks into the Gaza Strip, particularly in the northern region.

As part of the first stage of the ceasefire, Israel would release 900 Palestinian prisoners, including 100 individuals serving life sentences. In return, 40 living Israeli captives from various categories would be released by the Palestinians.

The second phase of the proposed ceasefire involves the release of all remaining Israeli captives and the continuation of negotiations to establish a sustainable peace.

However, specific details regarding the number of Palestinian prisoners to be released in the second phase and Israel's withdrawal were not included in the proposal.

Sources did not specify the proposal related to the third stage but said that the negotiations to re-establish a permanent ceasefire will end with the release of all Israeli captives held by resistance fighters in Gaza.


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