Shiraz (IP) - Narenjestan Ghavam Garden-Museum in Shiraz, the capital of Fars province, southern Iran, is one of the valuable and beautiful monuments of the Qajar historical period and a pristine tourist attraction.

Iran PressIran News: Due to its unique history and architecture, Narenjestan Ghavam is one of the most important destinations for Iranian and foreign tourists in Shiraz.

The complex was built from 1257 to 1267 AH and in the historical period of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, by order of Ali Mohammad Khan Ghavam and consisted of two parts; the outer part (Naranjestan museum) and the inner part (Zinatolmuluk house).

The historical and beautiful complex includes Gachineh Bath, Ghavam Hosseiniyah, Ghavam House School, Zeinatolmoluk House, and Ghavam Office.

Tiling, plastering, mirror work, as well as the designs and colors used in the Naranjestan Garden mansion, are so beautiful that it attracts every tourist.

Seven traditional Iranian arts, namely mirror work, plastering, traditional paintings, mosaics, inlays, carvings, and brickwork have been used in Ghavam mansion.

One of the most beautiful parts of the historical complex of Ghavam Narenjestan Garden-Museum is Shahneshin or the Hall of Mirrors, with walls and ceilings filled with paintings and mirrors.


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