The Foreign Ministry of North Korea called for the immediate stop of military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region, otherwise, it would take due measures to protect its territorial integrity.

Iran PressAsia: Issuing a statement early morning on Monday, the North Korean foreign ministry specifically addressed the UK, Canada, Germany, France, New Zealand, and Australia, calling on them to stop their overt military intervention in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pyongyang warned the countries not to use UN sanctions against North Korea as a justification for military intervention in the region.

The statement also criticized the increased surveillance of North Korea under the shield of monitoring violations of UN sanctions against Pyongyang and pointed out that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea would take the necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and security.

South Korea and the UK held joint patrols in the waters near the Korean Peninsula in April and announced that the purpose of the patrol was to implement the UN Security Council's sanctions against North Korea.

The surveillance came as North Korea has increased military exercises in response to threats and pressure from the West and its allies.

In recent months, the US and South Korean armies have conducted a series of exercises on a greater scale with more intensity, stating that their goal was to improve military readiness against any possible threat by South Korea. 


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