Myanmar's National Defense and Security Council (NDSC) decided on Monday to extend the state of emergency in the Southeast Asian country for another six months.

Iran PressAsia: A state of emergency has been established in Myanmar since the last 2 years after the coup against the government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

According to Myanmar's constitution, which was written by the military in 2008, elections must be held within 6 months after the lifting of the state of emergency.

According to the council's statement signed by Acting President U Myint Swe, the emergency period was extended in accordance with the Section 425 of the State Constitution for six more months starting from August 1.

The acting president said in the statement that the extension was made based on the discussions and decisions made by all NDSC members attending the council's meeting on Monday.

Those who attended the meeting also discussed matters related to conditions of preparation for the election, disturbances to preparation for the election, relief and resettlement being carried out after cyclone Mocha, and conditions for holding the election including security affairs, the statement added.

At the meeting, the acting president declared the extension of the state of emergency, and handed over the state power again to Chairman of the State Administration Council Min Aung Hlaing, who is also Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services, it said.

Myanmar declared the state of emergency in February 2021 for one year before making three six-month extensions until July 31 this year. 219