Tehran (IP) - Muslims across various countries, including Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Nigeria, have expressed their condemnation of the desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden through organized demonstrations.

Iran PressCommentary: In the last 10 days, there has been a notable surge in insults directed towards Islamic sanctities in European countries.

Sweden and Denmark have once again allowed for the disrespect of the Holy Quran. Last Thursday marked the second instance within a week where individuals in Sweden burned copies of the Qur'an with the approval of local law enforcement. Furthermore, a far-right group in Denmark burned a copy of the Quran in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen.

The repeated acts of desecration in Sweden and Denmark highlight that despite European governments claiming not to support such actions, they indirectly endorse such illegal and offensive behavior.

While Muslims from various countries express their anger towards these incidents, European governments continue to allow for their occurrence instead of taking action against these insults toward religious sanctities.

Abuse of the concept of freedom of speech

Europeans often justify these acts by citing freedom of speech; however, they oppose practices such as wearing hijabs in schools and questioning the Holocaust, where freedom of speech seemingly holds no value. Therefore, insulting Islamic sanctities within European countries is not merely an exercise of freedom of speech but rather an organized effort against Islam and Muslims as a whole.

This action by European governments and those who attack the Holy Quran has sparked a widespread reaction in Islamic countries. Protesters in Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Turkey, and Iran have called for the expulsion of the Swedish ambassador. Some Islamic countries have also summoned Swedish ambassadors and diplomats to their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The European governments and the United Nations are the ones suffering the most in this confrontation with Islam. The Islamic world possesses significant capabilities in various fields, particularly the economy.

The growing gap between Islamic and European countries could lead to a loss of these capacities.

The extensive reactions from Muslims also indicate their desire to sever ties with Sweden and Denmark. Conversely, the United Nations has not taken a firm stance against the insult directed at the Holy Quran. This lack of action raises doubts about its own position on this matter.


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