Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned that the water, food, and medicine supply in the Gaza Strip has reached an alarming situation and the blockage of the Rafah crossing would worsen the situation of the people.

Iran Press/West Asia: Aurélie Godard, head of the MSF medical team, called for the reopening of the Rafah border and warned that after 7 months of war, which has displaced 1.7 million people, the blockage of Rafah will just worsen the Gazan people's poor living conditions.

Godard said that neither the humanitarian aid nor any basic item including fuel, medical items, and food are allowed to enter Gaza through Rafah passage. 

Despite the international pressures, the Israeli regime's war cabinet ratified the attack on Rafah on Monday and started the invasion on Tuesday.

The attack began a few hours after Hams announced its agreement with the Qatari-Egyptian draft ceasefire, but the Israeli regime claimed that the ceasefire didn’t fulfill the regime's expectations. 

Meanwhile, the UN relief chief Martin Griffiths expressed concern on Tuesday over the Israeli regime’s military actions in the southern Gaza city of Rafah and said: "The conflict in Gaza is at another critical juncture. Israel's latest evacuation orders and their ground operations will bring more death and displacement."

Also, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned about the Israeli all-out attack on Rafah and called on the engaging sides to reach a ceasefire to stop a catastrophe in Rafah. 

The number of Palestinian people martyred due to the Israeli war on Gaza since October 7 reached 34,844 as the Palestinian Health Ministry announced on Wednesday.

Also, over 78,404 Palestinian people have been wounded due to the war backed by the Western powers, especially the US and UK. The toll is rising as the people of Gaza are struggling with famine and starvation due to the Israeli war. 219