A new poll found that 52% of the French population would like to see France experience a "social explosion" in the coming months with the rise of a "Yellow Vests-type movement.”

Iran PressEurope: This is the conclusion of a survey conducted Thursday by the French polling institute Ifop, which also found that 79% of the respondents also consider the scenario of an imminent "social explosion" including a new protest movement, to be realistic, Anadolu Agency reported.

It is the second-highest figure ever recorded by the polling institute since it was founded in 1998.

Only in November 2020 was the figure higher, at 85%. At that time, it was due to the government's strict coronavirus restrictions, including a second lockdown.

According to the latest survey, 48% of French people are "outraged" over the country’s economic and social situation.

Some 32% declared that they are "resigned" to the situation, while only 18% said they are "confident."


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