May 22, 2020 20:48 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 02, 2020 21:31 Asia/Tehran]
  • Lebanon’s Speaker stresses unity of Muslim countries against ‘Deal of the Century’

Lebanon (IP)- Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker stressed the unity of the Muslim countries against Israeli-US-cooked ‘Deal of the Century’ and stated that nothing can surrender Lebanon to Israeli plots.

Iran Press/Middle East: Nabih Berri condemned the US so-called Deal of the Century aimed at eliminating the Palestinian issue, saying: “we emphasize the support of the Palestinians and their right to return to their homeland, and the resistance against the deal of the century.”

He considered the deal as a plot for further fragmentation of the region, adding that the unity of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt relies on the resistance of Palestine, Lebanon and all Arab countries against the ‘Deal of the Century’.

Speaking on the occasion of Quds World Day on Friday, Nabih Berri said that the selection of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as World Quds Day is a reminder of the Israeli oppression which is practiced our Islamic and Christian sanctities. 


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