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  • UAE strives to dominate Yemen\'s oil resources
    UAE strives to dominate Yemen\'s oil resources

The United Arab Emirates seeks to seize Yemen’s wealth including its oil fields.

Iran Presscommentary: The Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen began in March 2015. Less than two weeks remain until the end of the 5th year of the war and the beginning of its 6th year.

Although the coalition was formed with 9 members at first, the Saudi regime and UAE are the only active members, particularly since the 3rd year of the war.

The Saudis claimed that their purpose of waging such a war was the restoration of legitimacy or better to say returning their Mansour Hadi to power in Yemen.

Yet, it came clear that there were political objectives on top of the Saudis and UAE’s agenda in their war against Yemen.

Al-Jazeera's website of research studies wrote in a report that one of the important goals the UAE pursues in Yemen is to strengthen its geopolitical influence in regions beyond the Aden Gulf and western regions of the Indian Ocean, reinforcing its military and economic positions in the region. 

Yemen’s oil reservoirs are of those areas the UAE tries to get control over. The official information suggests that Yemen enjoys around 12 billion barrels of true oil reservoirs, a total of 105 oil wells 81 of which are located in open areas, mostly in the sea, for extraction.

According to official statistics, 35 oil sectors are active in Shabwa and Hadhramaut provinces, which has given the UAE an incentive to strengthen its presence in the two Yemeni cities.

The UAE tries to take control of the oil-rich provinces of Yemen through forming the transitional south council.

According to oil and energy expert Shoeib Salem, UAE is taking several steps to implement its own projects through the so-called South Yemen Transitional Council that has gotten dominance over most of the southern provinces and oil centers by the support of Sudanese mercenaries. At the same time, the UAE sought to dominate Yemen's strategic crossings.

The point is that the UAE is struggling to seize Yemen's oil and gold resources; a country that is facing the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world in recent decades due to the Saudi-led coalition war.

Referring to Yemen's economic collapse, the UN stressed that the country has suffered about $ 89 billion in losses since 2015. 70% of Yemen's budget and 63% of its export revenues come from its oil resources.

The UAE's move shows that although the return of the fugitive Mansour Hadi to power was announced as the purpose of the Saudi coalition war against Yemen, goals such as looting Yemen's economic resources were also pursued as one of the main goals of the war.


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