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In an interview with Italian Rai News TV, Bashar al Assad stated that the chaos in Syria was due to Europe's role from the beginning.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in an interview given to Italian Rai News 24 TV on November 26, 2019, addressed various issues among which he stressed that Europe was the main player in creating chaos in Syria and the problem of refugees in it was because of its direct support to terrorism along with the US, Turkey and many other countries. 

Bashar al Assad emphasized that the European Union (EU) supported the terrorists in Syria from the very beginning. Europeans blamed the Syrian government.

According to the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the President regarding the Syrian society said: "The situation is much, much better, as we learned so many lessons from this war and I think the future of Syria is promising; we are going to come out of this war stronger."

Talking about the situation on the ground Assad said: "The Syrian Army has been advancing for the last few years and has liberated many areas from the terrorists, there still remains Idleb where you have al-Nusra that’s being supported by the Turks, and you have the northern part of Syria where the Turks have invaded our territory last month."

"So, regarding the political situation, you can say it’s becoming much more complicated because you have many more players that are involved in the Syrian conflict in order to make it drag on and to turn it into a war of attrition, " he added.

The Syrian President went on to say that we want reconciliation, for the people to live together, and for those people who lived outside the control of government areas to go back to the order of law and institutions.  It was to give amnesty to anyone, who gives up his armament and obey the law.  The situation is not complicated regarding this issue, if you have the chance to visit any area, you’ll see that life is getting back to normal.

Assad stated that he problem wasn’t people fighting with each other; it wasn’t like the Western narrative may have tried to show – as Syrians fighting with each other, or as they call it a “civil war,” which is misleading.  The situation was terrorists taking control of areas, and implementing their rules.  When you don’t have those terrorists, people will go back to their normal life and live with each other. There was no sectarian war, there was no ethnical war, there was no political war; it was terrorists supported by outside powers, they have money and armaments, and they occupy those areas.

Bashar al Assad went on to say that the country faces two challenges regarding terrorism in the Syrian society, those areas that were out of the control of government were ruled by two things: chaos, because there is no law, so people – especially the younger generation – know nothing about the state and law and institutions.

The second thing, which is deeply rooted in the minds, is the ideology, the dark ideology, the Wahabi ideology – ISIS or al-Nusra or Ahrar al-Cham, or whatever kind of these Islamist terrorist extremist ideologies.

Referring to reconciliation process, the Syrian President said that two subjects must be addressed first clerics and mosques the second part schools. He added that in schools, teachers, education, the national curriculum must be considered, and this curriculum is very important to change the minds of those young generations.  Third, you have the culture, you have the role of arts, intellectuals, and so on.  In some areas, it’s still difficult to play that role, so it was much easier for us to start with the religion, second with the schools. 

The president of Syria interview


Russia supports fully Syrian integrity and sovereignty 

The president of Syria in answer to Russia's role said: "To understand the Russian role, we have to understand Russian's principles. For Russia, they believe that international law – and international order based on that law – is in the interest of Russia and in the interest of everybody in the world.  So, for them, by supporting Syria they are supporting international law; this is one point.  Secondly, being against the terrorists is in the interest of the Russian people and the rest of the world." 

He went on to add in this regard that Russia being with Turkey and making compromise doesn’t mean they support the Turkish invasion; rather they wanted to play a role in order to convince the Turks that you have to leave Syria.

Assad reiterated Russia is not supporting the Turks, they don’t say “this is a good reality, we accept it and Syria must accept it.”  No, they don’t.  But because of the American negative role and the Western negative role regarding Turkey and the Kurds, the Russians stepped in, in order to balance that role, to make the situation… I wouldn’t say better, but less bad if you want to be more precise.  So, in the meantime, that’s their role.  In the future, their position is very clear: Syrian integrity and Syrian sovereignty.  Syrian integrity and sovereignty are in contradiction with the Turkish invasion, that is very obvious and clear. 104/219


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