In the Iranian calendar 21st of Tir (12th of July ) is called Hijab and Chastity Day. On this occasion, women of the capital gathered to show their interest and adherence to this Islamic duty.

Iran PressIran news: July 12th, the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Mashhad against the unveiling of the hijab, is the day when Reza Khan ( Iran's former king) forces killed people protesting against the unveiling of the hijab in Goharshad Mosque. During this period, women who didn't want to go out without hijab stayed at home, and some of them only went around at night.

Today and at the same time as the anniversary of this event, women in Tehran, as well as other cities of Iran, participated in the Mehr Fatemi gathering in Azadi Stadium to announce that " hijab" has a special place for them.

Hasan Hassanzadeh, commander of the Mohammad Rasulullah Corps in Tehran,  in this ceremony, said: These days, we are witnessing many attacks on "hijab" by the enemies, who are trying to use a word like "Mandatory hijab" in Iran while Iranian women chose" Hazrat Zahra" as their role model, so they decided hijab for themselves and are always proud of their choice.


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