Tehran (IP) -A company producing chemical solvents caught fire on the Chitgar-Shahriar road near Quds city.

Iran PressIran News: A strong explosion occurred in the west of Tehran near Quds city. This explosion was so large that it could be seen in Shahriar, Fardis and Andisheh districts.

On Thursday evening, the Governor of Quds, Vahid Golikani, about the fire incident in a chemical manufacturing company, said: "At 18:15, a huge explosion was heard in Shahr Quds, and as soon as this explosion occurred, the necessary procedures were carried out and it was found that the incident was caused by a fire in the chemical tanks of a private company producing solvents."

The governor of Quds said: "The sound of the explosion in Quds was not a security incident and a fire incident was the cause of the explosion."

He stated that the fire occurred in the tanks owned by the private company producing chemical solutions, and added: "This incident occurred due to a disruption in the production line process."