Thousands of people held a demonstration in the center of Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, demanding early elections and the removal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Demonstrators from different areas of Tel Aviv marched to the cultural center square in the center of the city and demanded the immediate dissolution of the cabinet and the removal of Netanyahu.

During this rally, the Israeli police clashed with the demonstrators and arrested some of them.

Also, on Saturday evening, the Zionists staged a demonstration against Netanyahu in the Kfar Saba, located in the north of Tel Aviv.

Another demonstration was held in the occupied city of Haifa, and the demonstrators chanted slogans against Netanyahu.

In the occupied Quds, also, large demonstrations against Netanyahu have been held.

A few weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's selective meeting with some of the prisoners' family members angered them. On December 28, the Israeli domestic media reported that the selection of only 15 members of the families of Israeli prisoners in Gaza to meet Benjamin Netanyahu has angered the relatives of other prisoners and increased the wave of public criticism of him. It seems that the reason for choosing a limited number of family members of Israeli prisoners to meet with Netanyahu was related to the chaos in his previous meeting with the families.

In addition to the current situation in occupied Palestine, since Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet unveiled a package of reforms to the judicial system in January, tens of thousands of opponents have joined weekly demonstrations in what has turned out to be one of the biggest protest movements in the Zionist regime's history. 219

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