Hormoz Island (IP)- With the rapid vaccination against COVID‑19 pandemic, maritime tourism has flourished in the ports of Hormozgan province, southern Iran.

Iran PressIran news: These days, people and tourists travel to Hormozgan province to visit the beautiful port of Hormoz Island, and due to the increase in vaccination, provincial officials still emphasize that travelers and tourists must follow health protocols.

Alireza Adimi, director of the port of Hormoz Island, called on tourists and travelers to take health protocols seriously when traveling to the island.

Adimi stated that the vessels in the port serve passengers and tourists with 80% of their capacity, and it is necessary to wear a mask when using them.

Mohammad Ahmadzadeh, director of the Shahid Haqqani passenger port, also said that sea travel has flourished due to pleasant weather conditions and the observance of health protocols by the people.


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