As calling Lt Gen Soleimani a hero in the fight against terrorism, the Iranian Judiciary Chief on Thursday strongly criticized the silence of the UN Secretary-General in the face of the US President's slander against martyred Lieutenant General Ghasem Soleimani, late commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi at the meeting of the Administrative Council of Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran, referring to the recent slanders of Donald Trump against martyred Lieutenant General Soleiman, said: "We expected UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres not to allow the terrorist president of the United States to make disrespectful remarks against martyred Lieutenant General Soleimani, the hero of the fight against terrorism."

At the 75th session of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump reiterated his baseless allegations against Lieutenant General Soleimani, defending his decision over the assassination of this glorious Islamic commander.

Lieutenant General Soleimani and a number of his companions were assassinated in an airstrike by US aggressors and terrorists near the airport in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on the morning of Friday, January 3, 2020.

Lieutenant General Soleimani had traveled to Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Many countries and international organizations have condemned this terrorist act by the United States.

In a recent report, UN Special Rapporteur Agnès Callamard described the US terrorist plot to assassinate General Soleimani as a violation of international law and the UN Charter.

Martyred Lieutenant General Soleimani was a prominent figure in the fight against takfiri and terrorist groups, including ISIS, in the West Asian region.


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