London (IP)- Supporters of Palestine from different nationalities living in Britain demonstrated in the streets of London chanting the main slogan "End Apartheid".

Iran PressEurope: According to Iran press, supporters of Palestine and supporters of peace demonstrated in London on Saturday, at the invitation of anti-war organizations and opponents of Zionism, in protest against the Zionist regime's attacks on Gaza and the killing of defenseless Palestinian women and children.

These anti-Zionist demonstrations were held under the title "End Apartheid" and "The occupation of Palestine must be ended".

The British government recently warned Palestinian supporters to refrain from expressing solidarity with Palestine and Hamas, but thousands of anti-Zionist and Palestinian supporters took to the streets of London.

Supporters of Palestine also chanted the slogan of the liberation of Palestine and condemned the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the killing of Palestinian children.

The British Home Office warned last week that any support for the Palestinians, singing Arab revolutionary songs and even waving the Palestinian flag may be considered a crime, but thousands of Palestinian flags were waved in the hands of supporters of the Palestinian people in Saturday's demonstration.

As in the past, the supporters of the Palestine demonstration started in front of the BBC headquarters in London to protest against the BBC's news approach in support of Zionism.

On Monday last week, thousands of Palestinian supporters gathered in front of the Zionist embassy in London and voiced their solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially the residents of the Gaza Strip. 


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