Tehran (IP) - The doors of the already-closed Rajaei Shahr prison were opened to 80 journalists and photographers hailing from both local and foreign media outlets. The visit on Saturday morning aimed to shed light on the prison's transformation and the implications of its closure.

Iran PressIran News: Among the attendees were 60 reporters representing a spectrum of local and foreign media, encompassing both the written word and visual storytelling. Accompanying them were 20 photographers. The event follows a recent directive from the head of Iran's judiciary, mandating the relocation of Rajaei Shahr's inmates to an alternative facility.

The operation, overseen by Iran's prisons organization, culminated in the transfer of all Rajai Shahr prisoners to Ghezel Hesar prison. This extensive effort marked the culmination of months of groundwork and careful planning by the dedicated staff of the prisons organization.

The closure of Rajaei Shahr prison has long resonated as a pressing concern within the province, an issue fervently voiced by both residents and officials alike. The prison's unique geographic positioning within the heart of the city magnified the manifold challenges it posed. The resultant traffic snarls, the logistical intricacies of prisoner transportation, and the consequential displacement of inmates' families all coalesced to form a tapestry of social and cultural disruptions. 

As the last of the inmates were transferred and resettled, the doors of Rajaei Shahr prison were ceremoniously closed on August 5th. 


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