In its latest operation against the espionage systems of the Zionist regime, Lebanon's Hezbollah unveiled a new missile capability.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The media affiliated with the Lebanese resistance forces released a video and reported that these forces have unveiled new missiles.

Yesterday, Friday 26, Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted the advanced spy systems of the Zionist regime in the Jal Alam region using these missiles.

The mentioned guided missiles are equipped with installed cameras that can record the images of the operation while hitting the intended target and sending it to the resistance forces.

Also, today, Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted five positions of the Zionist military in the Al-Jalil region, located in the north of the West Bank.

According to this report, Hezbollah's attacks were carried out with heavy rockets from southern Lebanon.

In the statement of Lebanon's Hezbollah, it is stated: "In support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their courageous and honorable resistance, the Islamic resistance of Lebanon had carried out several operations against the positions of the Israeli army on the occupied Palestinian border on Friday.

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