IRAN (IP) - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei made introductory remarks regarding the recent unrest in Iran on the pretext of Mahsa Amini's death at the joint graduation ceremony of the students of the armed forces officer universities on Monday morning.

Iran PressCommentary: The unrest in some parts of Iran came as Mahsa Amini, a 22 years old Iranian girl, fainted at the police department in Tehran after being taken there for violation of dress codes along with some other women.

While a large group of people was upset because of Mahsa's death, the saboteurs instigated riots in several cities, including Tehran, inflicted heavy damage on public properties, and murdered a group of security forces.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that these riots were planned and said: "If it were not the case of this young girl, the enemies would have created another excuse to make insecurity and riots in the country this year on September 23."

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized: "I say frankly that these riots and insecurities were designed by the US and the usurping and fake Zionist regime, and their puppets and some traitorous Iranians abroad helped them."

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The Leader stated that the US was not only against the Islamic Republic but also a strong and independent Iran and added: "They are looking for the Iran of the Pahlavi era, which obeyed their orders like a milking cow."

The Leader's emphasis on the planning of the recent riots from abroad, considering the all-round support of the global arrogance led by the United States to the rioters and their guidance, as well as the announcement of readiness and practical measures to support the rioters, including the lifting of sanctions related to the Internet by the United States is significant.

British investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg says: "From a click of a button in the US to violence on the streets of Tehran, the latest protests in Iran are being engineered and provoked from outside."

The US, as the Leader of the Western Bloc, has not only imposed all kinds of sanctions in the form of a total pressure campaign since the Trump era, but it has started the approach of poverty and chaos, which means fueling social unrest by applying economic pressure to Iran, but also from time to time it has found an excuse to interfere in Iran's internal affairs, such as the riots of October 2019 on the pretext of rising gasoline prices, or the riots of 2009 under the guise of protesting the results of the presidential election, and has tried its best to encourage and support rioters and those who engage in violent acts or to destroy public property.

Besides that, the Zionist regime, which has openly shown its hostility with the Iranian nation by assassinating nuclear scientists and sabotaging Iran's nuclear facilities, is trying to fish out of the muddy water, so to speak, with the United States to invite the Iranian people to take to the street with the excuse of Mahsa Amini's death. In this regard, he has taken help from his internal agents, especially anti-revolutionary groups. At the same time, there is much evidence of the previous planning of foreign enemies and their affiliated agents to incite riots in Iran.

For example, the slogan "Woman; Life, freedom," which has been heard a lot in the recent riots and has been widely reflected in the foreign media, was first said a few years ago in the foreign film " Girls of the Sun" by the female protagonist of the movie.

In general, the recent riots in Iran on the pretext of Mahsa Amini's death once again caused the foreign enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to use it as an opportunity to interfere in Iran's internal affairs and incite more riots. In fact, in the recent riots, the political leaders of the US and sometimes Europe, their media, and the Persian media supported by the West abused a tragic incident that is being investigated. With the slogan of defending the rights of the Iranian nation, they endorsed the rioters and troublemakers. They left no stone unturned in supporting the outlaws. Still, they ignored or belittled the presence of millions of people in the streets and squares of the country in support of the system and their government and their strong opposition to the chaos.

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At the same time, anti-revolutionary outfits such as the MKO terrorist group, royalists, and separatist groups such as Komleh and the Democrats, with the guidance and support of the western governments, especially the United States and the Zionist regime, are making an endless attempt to exploit this issue for anti-Iranian goals.

Ahmad Vahidi, the Minister of Interior of Iran, says that the Islamic Republic of Iran system has overcome big conspiracies with authority: "The enemies have miscalculated by supporting the rioters."

BY: Reza Mirtaher


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