Tehran (IP)- On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the month of Rajab, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution agreed to amnesty and commute the sentences of a vast majority of accused and convicted of the recent riots.

Iran PressIran news: Following the proposal of the chief of the judiciary to Ayatollah Khamenei to agree to pardon and commute the punishment of a significant number of the accused and convicted of recent events, as well as those convicted by the general and revolutionary courts and the judicial organization of the armed forces, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution agreed to this proposal.

In the letter of Mohsenei Ejei to the Leader, it is stated: "During the recent events, a number of people, especially young people, committed wrong behaviors and crimes as a result of the incitement and propaganda of the enemy, which in addition to trouble for themselves, caused hardship to their families and relatives, and now a significant number of them are asking for forgiveness after the plan of foreign enemies and anti-revolutionary and anti-people currents were revealed". 

The convicts of recent riots will be pardoned or their punishment will be reduced if they did not commit espionage for the benefit of foreigners, did not have direct contact with agents of foreign intelligence services, did not commit murdering or injuring intentionally, did not destruct or burn governmental, military and public facilities, or do not have a private plaintiff.


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