Larijani: Parliament backs the correct stance of Iranian football clubs

Tehran (IP) - The speaker of Iran's parliament, Ali Larijani has emphasized that the parliament (Majlis) supports the sensible and correct stances adopted by Iranian football clubs, the football federation, and club managers, in order to protect the rights of Iranian sportsmen, athletes, and young people.

Iran Press/ Iran News: In a meeting with the Minister of Sports and Youths in Tehran on Sunday, the Speaker of Majlis, Ali Larijani said: "Iran is a safe, secure and powerful country within the region, and we mustn't allow the rights of sportsmen and football supporters to be trampled upon and ignored."

Larijani added: "The Iranian parliament fully backs Iranian football clubs, football fans, sportsmen and young people."

He pointedly said: "We expect the International Sporting Federations and Asian Sporting Federations to act impartially and neutrally in their dealings with Iran and Iranian sportsmen and sportswomen, and in particular Iranian footballers and football clubs."


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