Ukraine's ambassador to Israel announced his country's request to Tel Aviv to equip it with the "Iron Dome" anti-missile system in a news conference.

Iran PressEurope: Ukraine last spring officially asked the United States to equip Patriot missile defense systems and the Iron Dome system. 

Reports released last February show that the interim Israeli regime opposed Ukraine's request to equip the country with an Iron Dome system. Because the Israeli government and the Pentagon have worked together to develop the Iron Dome system, the sale of the system to a third party depends on the simultaneous agreement of Washington and Tel Aviv.

The Ukrainian envoy, Yevgen Korniychuk, also lamented Tel Aviv's failure to live up to its promise of aid to Ukraine, saying: "Only 10 percent of the support equipment that Israel promised to Ukraine has been delivered to Ukraine.
In addition,  "Wounded Ukrainian soldiers who need artificial limbs will not be allowed to enter Israel for treatment."


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