The Speaker of Kuwaiti Parliament criticized the dual policies of the international community towards the Israeli regime and called for the expulsion of its delegation from the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Iran PressMiddle East: While criticizing the dual standards of the international community, Marzouq Al-Ghanim at the meeting of the Arab Member States of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Indonesia on Saturday, said that Kuwait condemns any kind of occupation, because Kuwait was also occupied 30 years ago, so it is against any kind of occupation.

He added: "How can be demanded the Russian delegation to be expelled because of the war that started a few days ago, but despite the fact that the Israeli regime has been occupying Palestine for more than 60 years, its delegation will not be expelled."

Unlike some compromising Arab rulers, Kuwait has pursued a policy of opposing the normalization of relations with Israel.

Its officials have always expressed support for the Palestinian cause and rejected the normalization of relations with Israel.

In January, a Kuwaiti teen tennis player won the admiration of many social activists for not appearing against a tennis player from the Israeli regime. 219