Iran (IP) - Kish Island is located in the Persian Gulf and it is one of the most popular tourist islands in Iran. Due to the beautiful landscape of this island, it is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf.

Iran PressIran News: Kish Island is one of the southern islands of Iran. The Persian Gulf connects to the Indian Ocean, so the water of this sea is clear. Kish Island has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands.


Kish Island is the pearl of the Persian Gulf


Kish Island history

Kish has a long history of about 3,000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. In 325 BC, Alexander the Great commissioned Niarkus to set off an expedition voyage into the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Niarkus's writings indicate that he visited Araracta in the 4th century BC. His descriptions of Araracta precisely match the characteristics of Kish.


Kish Island is rich in history


Nearchus's writings on Arakata are the first known mention of Kish Island in antiquity. When Marco Polo visited the Imperial court in China, he commented on the Emperor's wife's pearls, he was told that they were from Kish.


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Kish tourist attractions

The Greek ship anchored off the Coral Coast on the island of Kish in 1966 


Greek Ship: The Greek ship has been anchored on the southwest coast of the island since 1966. The ship was built in Britain and changed owners several times before reaching the last owner, who was Greek. The ship finally went offshore of Kish, and though an attempt was made to save her, it proved futile, and she has remained in place since.


Scuba diving; Kish coral beach


Marjan Beach (Coral beach): Marjan beach is located on the east side of the island and is named for the beautiful coral that can be found. The coast is lined with pergolas, which, along with the palm trees and landscaping, provide an especially panoramic view. This beach is a particularly popular site to watch an unforgettable sunrise. Many of the sea sports clubs are also located there.


Kariz or Kahriz is a Persian word meaning aqueduct


Kariz Underground City: Water is a scarce resource in many parts of Iran, ancient Iranians came up with the qanat system gently sloping vertical wells that lead water into arid areas. Kariz is one such 2,500-year-old qanat, and visitors can take a walk through its tunnels and get an up-close view of this kind of system. The tunnels extend a few miles, making Kariz look more like an underground city. This ancient structure has been preserved but modernized with the addition of handicraft stalls and a traditional teahouse.


Harireh is located on the north of the island and dates back more than 800 years ago.


Harireh Ancient City: Harireh built in the 8th century is located in the central, northern part of the island. Harireh offers a glimpse of ancient architecture, and though not much of it has remained intact today, the ruins suggest a once thriving region.


The Twin Water Reservoir was built in 1993


The Twin Water Reservoir: The Twin Water Reservoir was rebuilt in 1993 upon remnants of an existing water reservoir, and the architecture is highly reminiscent of the water reservoirs of Yazd. The badgir (windcatchers), an ancient Persian architectural structure used to create natural ventilation, help to keep the water at low temperatures.


Kish hosts hawksbill turtles


Kish Sea Turtles: On the southern and western coasts of this coral island between the months of March and August, hawksbill turtles come out onto preserved lands to lay their eggs. These beaches give tourists the opportunity to view these giant turtles swimming against the waves back into the sea. 


The Green Tree Complex is built around one of the 600 hundred old lure tree


Penguin snow park: This newly built park is located at Kish Island, Penguin Recreation Complex offers sports and recreation halls, shooting and rock climbing, shopping centers, dining rooms, and other facilities with a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf.

The Penguin Recreation Complex Snow park is one of the tourist attractions of the tropics, the final snowfall phase of this park was completed on the Yalda night which brought the first snow to Kish Island during its history.


The Penguin Recreation Complex including the first I snow park in the country 


Green Tree Complex: At the north of the island, a particularly green area known as the Portuguese Valley, is the location of the Green Tree Complex, built around one of the oldest lur (banyan) trees. Said to be around 600 years old. The rest of the complex provides a wonderful green space to relax for a short time.


A beautiful marine hotel in the form of Paisley


Kish Island facilities

Owing to its free trade zone status, the island is touted as a consumer's paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions, and resort hotels.

Kish Island offers some of the best hotels in the country which makes the perfect experience for the tourists.


Parrot fish lurking turquoise waters of Kish

Overall, kish is an ideal destination for many tourists because it covers any type of desire from relaxing on the beach, to shopping all day long and having fun with water sports. As a free trade zone, in addition to its historical sites and natural sceneries have made Kish island an excellent destination for many tourists. 


Kish island is an ideal tourist spot for the 2022 Qatar world cup


Kish and Qatar 2022 world cup

Iran and Qatar are cooperating so that the Iranian islands of Qeshm and Kish could host the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup spectators. The proximity of Iran's Kish Island to Qatar and the lower cost of staying on this island are the advantages of Iran's hosting of World Cup spectators and teams who can also enjoy the scenic beauties of the Iranian island during the football tournament to be held November 21 to December 18, 2022.

Iran has also talked about offering free visas on arrival to anyone visiting Qatar for the World Cup who adds on a trip to the Islamic Republic.

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