Kashmir (IP) - On the 45th anniversary of the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Kashmiri youth emphasized in a conversation with Iran Press reporter in Kashmir that Iran's Islamic Revolution is still influential and supports oppressed nations in the world.

Iran PressAsia: Hilal Akbar, a Kashmiri youth, in an interview with an Iranpress reporter about the impact of Iran's Islamic Revolution in the past four decades, said that the Islamic Revolution is not only related to Iran but has directly or indirectly affected other nations of the world. Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Ansarullah in Yemen, and even in South Africa are fighting against the tyrants of America and Israel, and this is the influence of the Islamic Revolution.

Yasir Ali, a social activist, also said that the Islamic Revolution not only saved the Iranian nation from the oppression of arrogance and tyranny but also the oppressed nations of the world were freed from the control of the imperialist system by accepting the influence of this revolution.

Seyed Mehdi, another Kashmiri youth, stated: The Islamic Republic of Iran, having a good history and social heritage, plays an important role in the world and tries to preserve its cultural and religious heritage. Forghan Hussain, another Kashmiri youth, says that the Islamic revolution gave the people of Iran the knowledge to end colonial rule stand on their own feet, and progress with the efforts of scientists and engineers. Mohammad Hadi, a Kashmiri student, in an interview with Iran Press reporter, said about the effects of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Iran's Islamic Revolution does not need to be exported, but the wave of this spontaneous popular revolution has spread and spread like a floral fragrance in different parts of the world. 219

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