Palestine (IP) - At the same time striking the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime's forces are demolishing people's houses and clashing with the youths in different parts of the West Bank.

Iran Press/ West Asia: On Tuesday night, the Israeli troops trespassed the Jenin camp with armored vehicles, destroying the infrastructure of the area and clashing with the resistant Palestinian youth.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society announced that one Palestinian was martyred and two others were injured during the clashes in Jenin.

With the young person martyred, the number of Palestinians martyred in the West Bank reached 400 since the Israeli regime's aggression on Gaza on October 7. 

The expansion of the resistance in the West Bank, with Jenin as the center of the resistance, has caused the Israeli regime's forces to launch a war with the Palestinian youth in the area, destroying the infrastructure and houses of the people.

The people yet resist.


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