Rome (IP) - Italians protested against the situation of the healthcare services in the country.

Iran PressIran News: Thousands of people in Rome on Saturday evening protested in the central streets of the Italian capital while criticizing the privatization of the health system and announced that the lack of medical staff, especially the severe nursing shortage, has caused the reduction of services to patients in hospitals and even the closure of dozens of medical centers in Italy.

According to Italian trade unions, more than 35 billion euros have been cut from the public health sector budget in the country in the past few years.

"A significant part of the Italian population practically does not have access to public health and treatment services," one of the demonstrators in Rome told the Iran Press.

The protester stated: "Unfortunately, the public healthcare sector in Italy is not allocated enough funds; accordingly, people have to wait for a long time for a medical visit or for hospitalization."

He added: "In such a situation, patients should go to non-governmental hospitals, which is impossible for many people due to its high costs."

Demonstrators also called to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, another demonstration against the government's economic policies was held in one of the central squares of Rome by the Democratic Party Partito Democratico, the largest political organization opposed to the government.

Speakers in the demonstration protested against the budget bill and the government's neglect of health and social services.

Italian retirees gathering

Earlier, Italian retirees protested their living conditions.

Hundreds of retirees gathered in Rome on Friday evening (December 16) to protest the government's budget and economic policies.

They believe that the government did not pay any attention to them and removed the financial resources that were supposed to be allocated to increase their salaries.

A retiree told Iran Press: "We have participated in the demonstration to make the government take action against the decrease in the purchasing power of the elderly, the young, and the poor."

The energy crisis, double-digit inflation, and the worsening economic crisis in Italy have caused all walks of life to protest in the streets in the last two months.


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