Rome (IP) - The Italians condemned the silence of Western governments regarding the killings of Gaza residents by the Israeli government.

Iran PressEurope: Thousands of people in Rome, Italy, gathered on Saturday evening to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Demonstrators, holding Palestinian flags, stated that the genocide of Palestinians by Israel continues with direct support from Western countries.

An Italian student, carrying a large banner with slogans against Netanyahu and his Western supporters, told Iran Press: "By carrying this banner, we are telling Western authorities that their deathly silence on the genocide in Gaza makes them complicit in this crime."

Demonstrators criticized the double standards of the West when it comes to human rights.

Supporters of Palestine in Rome held banners such as "Stop the genocide," "Save Gaza," "Ceasefire," "Israel is a terrorist," "Netanyahu is a criminal," "Hail to the resistance," and "Free Palestine."

Another demonstrator said: "I cannot accept that Italy, NATO, and the European Union continue to support Israel while it kills innocent Palestinian children, bombs hospitals, and even targets ambulances." Demonstrators also held banners and chanted anti-NATO slogans calling for their country's withdrawal from the military alliance.

Another demonstrator stated: "NATO is an organization whose mission is to attack other countries. It uses European citizens' money to both empty our pockets and involve us in unwanted wars."

Concurrently with the solidarity demonstration in Rome, another demonstration was held in Milan, northern Italy, to support Palestine and express solidarity with Gaza residents.


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