Tehran (IP) - The Iranian President said that the normalization of the Israeli Regime's relations with the Islamic and Arab governments will not succeed and that the Israelis are seeking to drive the Palestinian youths to despair through such relations.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi, in a meeting with Ziad al-Nakhaleh, Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement and a group of leaders of the movement, stated on Sunday: "Once upon a time, a number of the Palestinians pinned hope to negotiation tables to get rid of the oppression and occupation of the Zionist regime, but today, everyone, even the advocates of negotiation, has pinned hope to the resistance forces."

The Iranian President added: "Today, the Palestinian forces are taking the initiative, and this great victory is a gift from God, which has been given to the proud Palestinian nation thanks to their patience in the face of problems and their resistance against the oppression of the Zionist regime and its supporters."

President Raisi stated that disappointing the young generation of Palestine from recapturing the occupied territories is one of the goals of the Zionists in trying to normalize relations with some Arab and Islamic countries and added: "However, we deeply believe that these efforts will not succeed because the first and most serious opponents of this normalization of relations are people of the same countries."

Raisi stated that today the Palestinian nation is more united than ever before, and in contrast, the Israeli society is more scattered and divided compared to the past, and the signs of its decline have become apparent.

The Iranian President stated: "Today, the people of the world, from the nations of the region to the people of Latin American countries support the Palestinian nation and this is the grace of God and the efforts of the martyrs of the resistance movement, including martyr Lieutenant-General Qassem Soleimani. The final victory is very close and belongs to the proud nation of Palestine.

Ziad al-Nakhaleh, Secretary-General of the Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement, for his part stated in this meeting that the Palestinian people are grateful for the continuous support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and stated: "Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is an important and determined country in regional and international interactions, and your recent visit to the Latin American region showed that you were able to completely defeat the American sanctions, and we are also proud of these victories."

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement also presented a detailed report on the recent 5-day war with the Israeli regime and explained the performance and achievements of the resistance forces and the weaknesses of this regime, noting: "While the Zionist regime had announced that it reached an agreement with the Egyptian government to end the clashes with the resistance forces, at the end of the latest round of conflicts, it had to announce for the first time that it had reached an agreement with the resistance forces, and this is a great victory and the result of the adherence of the Palestinians to stand and resist against the Zionist regime."


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