On Thursday morning, news sources announced the artillery attacks of the Zionist regime on some areas of southern Lebanon.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to the Iran Press news agency, in these attacks Beit Yahoun town, the surrounding areas of "Al-Adisa", "Kounine" and "Sadiqin" towns were targeted.

Following these attacks, some media reported that Lebanese Resistance forces launched retaliatory rocket attacks onto the north of the occupied territories.

On Wednesday evening, Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted two other Israeli army headquarters in the occupied territories with missile attacks.

In the past few months, following the terrible crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the genocide against Palestinians in this region, Lebanon's Hezbollah has targeted the military positions of this regime in the north of the occupied territories. This issue has wreaked havoc upon the Zionists living in these areas.

So far, tens of thousands of Zionists have left the settlements near the Lebanese borders for fear of resistance attacks. 219

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