IP- The US embassy in Lebanon was targeted by a small arms fire, resulting in the wounding of one of the guards, according to a law enforcement source.

Iran Press/ West Asia: "A gunman fired shots at the diplomatic mission area, wounding one of the guards," he said. "The attacker was also wounded and detained by Lebanese servicemen," the source added.

According to him, the attacker’s interrogation revealed that he was a Syrian national. His motives are still unknown, the source said.

The Lebanese army, in turn, said in a statement that the man had been admitted to a local hospital under guard.

He is linked to ISIS, and the symbols used by ISIS militants have been discovered on his rifle, the Dubai-based Al Hadath TV channel reported. 

It has been reported that the attacker was not alone. Army patrols have cordoned off the embassy area in the Avkar district while a search is underway for a possible accomplice. 

Meanwhile, the US embassy team is safe after the attack, the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

"At 8:34 a.m. local time, small arms fire was reported in the vicinity of the entrance to the US Embassy. Thanks to the quick reaction of the Lebanese Armed Forces, the Internal Security Forces, and our Embassy security team, our facility and our team are safe. Investigations are underway and we are in close contact with host country law enforcement," the statement reads.

The attack on the US embassy in Lebanon highlights the ongoing security concerns in the region. The fact that the attacker was a Syrian national linked to ISIS raises concerns about the potential for further violence and the spread of extremist ideologies.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing.