Israeli regime attack news agencies to prevent reflection of crimes

Commentary - On Saturday, May 15, the Israeli regime destroyed the Al-Jala Tower in Gaza, where several international media offices are located, in an act contrary to international law and to prevent its crimes from being exposed.

Iran PressMiddle East: International media outlets, including Al Jazeera, the Associated Press, and AFP, were located in the Al-Jala Tower and covered the news of Gaza. 

This illegal action of Tel Aviv was actually done to prevent the reflection of its crimes against the people of Gaza.

The scope of Israeli airstrikes during the regime's new offensive against Gaza is vast and unprecedented, causing many casualties and martyrdom and wounding of many Palestinians, especially women and children.

In this regard, the unacceptable justification of the Israeli authorities, claiming that the Palestinian resistance groups have been hiding their forces and equipment among the civilian population, has become more apparent with the revelation of the targets of these attacks.

Naturally, exposing these crimes and sending images and reports directly in this regard will cause more and more disgrace to the Israeli regime and its Western supporters and increase international pressure and public opinion in various countries to stop Israel's criminal operations against the people of Gaza.

Therefore, to prevent this issue, the Tel Aviv authorities have found a way to eliminate the issue, that is, to destroy the headquarters of the international news agencies in the Al-Jala Tower in Gaza.

The Israeli regime claims that Hamas used this building and the presence of journalists as a human shield.

This illegal act of Israel has provoked several reactions. UN Secretary-General's spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the attack on media offices was a violation of international law and should be avoided.

"We are shocked that the Israeli army is targeting and destroying the building that houses the Associated Press office and other news organizations in Gaza," the Associated Press said in a statement. "They have known the location of our office for a long time, and they know that journalists are there. We received a warning that this building will be targeted."

"This is incredibly annoying," said Gary Pruitt, CEO of the Associated Press, noting. "We barely survived a horrible death. Twelve freelance journalists and Associated Press reporters were inside the building, and fortunately, we were able to evacuate the building on time."

Despite these protests, the pro-Israel Western governments, especially the US government, have refused to condemn this illegal act of the Zionist regime. In fact, Washington's protectionist approach is the main incentive for the Israeli regime to carry out its crimes and illegal and inhumane acts in occupied Palestine.


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