Jerusalem (IP) - Dozens of Israeli protesters entered the Knesset building in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday, shouting slogans against the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime and calling for early parliamentary elections.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The protesters, which included families of prisoners of war, pointed to the Israelis captured by Hamas and the displacement of many Jews due to the lack of security. They demanded the dissolution of Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet and the holding of early elections.

The protesters also called for the quick release of prisoners held by Hamas.

The incident highlights the growing discontent within Israel over the government's handling of security issues and the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip since a cross-border attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Oct. 7. killing at least 37,396 and wounding 85,523 others. 

Israel had announced its goal from the beginning of the operation to destroy Hamas and then release the Israeli captives in Gaza, but after more than five months, not only this goal has not been achieved, but Israel's insistence on these two goals has caused differences in that society. Experts believe that Israel is now in a dilemma and must choose between destroying Hamas or freeing the captives.  


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