Gaza (IP) - Palestinian news sources reported the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip which led to the martyrdom of 10 Palestinians, including a child and the wounding of 55 others.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to reports, ten Palestinians, including a five-year-old child have been martyred and 55 others injured so far. 


Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Movement said: "Israeli enemy starts a war and our duty is to defend our people," pronouncing the martyrdom of senior commander Tayseer Al-Jaabari in Israeli strike on Gaza. 

Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Movement Secretary-General Ziad Al-Nakhala orders Movement’s fighters to carry out the set plan to face the Israeli aggression on Gaza. 

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) says Palestinian resistance factions are united in the battle against the Israeli enemy.

Zionist occupation authorities open basements in central and southern area and deploy the Iron Dome in the central area.

Israel's occupation military announced Thursday it was sending more troops to the area near Gaza in case there were possible reprisal attacks following the arrest of a senior militant in the West Bank this week.

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that after evaluating the situation in the region, it decided to add extra soldiers to its Gaza division to "improve the IDF's readiness in the area."

The reinforcement included artillery, infantry, armored and combat engineering units as well as special forces units, according to the IDF.

On Thursday morning, local authorities in Israel blocked roads and the Israeli army closed the Erez Crossing, the main passage between Israel and Gaza, for the third consecutive day.

The tensions were sparked by an Israeli raid in the flashpoint Palestinian city of Jenin in the northern West Bank overnight between Monday and Tuesday, during which a 17-year-old Palestinian boy was killed, and members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, including the group's senior figure Bassem al-Saadi, were arrested.

Palestine on Thursday called for international intervention to stop the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and protect the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The international community has to intervene to stop Israel from confiscating land, demolishing homes, burning trees, and destroying infrastructure in the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"The Israeli measures turn any conversations, positions, or visions related to peace based on the two-state solution into a mirage and unrealistic dreams, which are difficult to achieve," the statement said.

Israel has built dozens of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in violation of the international law.


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