The Israeli entity has ramped up its Judaization plans in occupied Jerusalem Al-Quds, having issued 877 forced-expulsion orders since the beginning of 2023 against Palestinians residing in the city.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies, most residents targeted by the decisions live near Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque, the Old City, and their surrounding areas.

Arrests against Palestinian residents of occupied Al-Quds have escalated within the same period as well and have constituted about 47% of the total arrests across all the occupied territories, the center revealed on Wednesday.

2,000 cases of arrests in the Palestinian capital have been recorded this year, including 465 minors and 58 females.

Riyad Al-Ashqar, the Center's Director, explained that the arrests were not limited to one demographic, adding that they included children, women, Islamic and national leaders, and even the sick and the elderly.

The occupation authorities also pursued the policy of "arresting prisoners immediately following their release after the end of their sentences," he said, adding that 21 were released on the condition of leaving their homes in occupied Jerusalem Al-Quds and away from the city, not taking part in Palestinian celebrations or holding the Palestinian flags.

In the past nine months, the Zionist regime courts issued over 248 house arrest orders for various periods, as well as 100 administrative orders, including new sentences and the extension of old ones.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that among the detainees this year are 10 Palestinians, including women and children, who are suffering from injuries sustained by the Zionist forces, which also include bullet wounds, some of serious nature.


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