Sunni scholar:

Accra (IP) - A famous Islamic Sunni scholar and leader of Wataniya Islamic unit Ghana, Ustaz Muhammed Kashif Asrar in an exclusive interview with Iran Press has lauded the Islamic unity under the leadership of Imam Ali Khamenei and described it as a symbolic representation of unity among Muslims.

Iran PressAfrica: According to Ustaz Muhammed, Muslims are supposed to work together towards a common goal set by the Quran and shown by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). 

"Almighty Allah (SWT) said hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. This verse tell us to be united because unity is strength, when we are united, we have the power, we have the strength to fight the enemies, but when you are divided the enemy gets an upper hand on you and defeat you easily."

"Today there is a massive division among Muslim ummah but when you look at the factors that contribute our division you realise we have stronger bonds, stronger reasons why we should be united rather than divided. We as Muslims have prophet Muhammed (PBUH) we have the Holy Quran and one Qibla that is the ka'abah, all these mentioned are enough reasons to bind us and make us one and united, irrespective of our sect, our background, our region, our believes, we are one single ummah." 

Ustaz Muhammed further explained the frequent desecration of the sacred Holy Quran in some European countries and the role Islamic unity played in trying to get international documents for the legal pursuit of preventing the desecration of the Holy Quran, he added.

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"Today Islam is facing and encountering a lot of enmity from the West and a clear evidence of this, is the devastation burning and disrespect of the Holy Quran in some parts of the Western world, as insult and disrespect of the Holy prophet of Islam in other part of the western world, destruction of mosques, attacking of congregations all in the name of hatred of Islam."

"What are we doing as Muslims? This is where I praise and cherish and acknowledge the effort of the current  leader of Islamic unity Ayatollah Ali khemainei. In the recent Quran desecration he is one leader among most Islamic countries that has come out clearly to fight and stood firm to lambast this devilish act from the west. He stood firm, he fought for the religion and called on all the Islamic States to also wake up and defend the religion."

"The leader of Islamic unity Ayatollah Seyyed  Ali Khemainei has called on all the Islamic leaders to come together to join hands to defend Islam. He has also stretch his invitation to all part of the world, inviting scholars from different sects to come and bring their ideas together to punder and discuss on how to mark a stragegy to fight the enemies of Islam."

"We acknowledge him and appreciate his effort and this is the root of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). We are calling on all Muslim ummah to join hands, lets support this call irrespective of our race, sect, to come together in unity as Muslims."

He added that Muslim countries should reinforce their unity to confront the threats facing the Muslim world and solve their problems and misunderstandings through dialogue which Islamic unity stands for.

Muslims, worldwide, have condemned the desecration and burning of the Quran in Denmark and Sweden, asserting that these attacks cannot be justified by freedom of expression.


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