Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qasem

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General stressed that Israel must know the Islamic Resistance will respond to all its attacks on Lebanon, reiterating that the balance of deterrence with the Zionist enemy is firmly maintained.

Iran PressMiddle East: Delivering a speech during Hezbollah Muharram mourning ceremony in the Ouzai area, Sheikh Naim Qasem indicated that Hezbollah’s latest rocketry response to the Israeli aggression showed the popular support to the Resistance, adding the interception of the vehicles of the resistance fighters in Shwayya village disgraces those who were behind it.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that the Israeli enemy tried to utilize the interception incident to allege that Hezbollah misses the popular support in Lebanon, adding that it must also observe the scene of Hezbollah celebration in Khiyam town attended by a large delegation from the Druze villagers.

Sheikh Qasem reiterated Hezbollah is committed to the golden formula of Army-People Resistance, adding that the mujahedin achievements are self-evident.


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