Iran envoy:

Islamabad (IP)- The Iranian President's representative and ambassador to Afghanistan said that the US and NATO do not want the country's stability.

Iran PressAsia:  In an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter in Islamabad, Hassan Kazemi Qomi stated that the United States and NATO, as yesterday's occupiers, do not want Afghanistan to achieve stability and establish rational relations with neighboring countries.

Qomi further claimed that despite the absence of a military presence, these invaders are still plotting within Afghanistan. He argued that their efforts to strengthen Takfiri and terrorist groups like ISIS are part of their ongoing conspiracy.The representative warned that such actions would not only affect the security of Afghanistan's borders but also lead to consequences such as increased migration to neighboring countries.

Highlighting the critical economic situation in Afghanistan, Qomi emphasized that this provides opportunities for terrorism and foreign interference.He stated that the people of Afghanistan are tired of occupation and do not accept foreign interference anymore.In response, Tehran aims to assist the Afghan people by engaging with Afghan leaders to improve economic, political, and security conditions.

Qomi also mentioned Iran's cooperation with Pakistan in supporting stability and security in Afghanistan.He expressed satisfaction with the convergence between Iran and Pakistan on Afghan matters, emphasizing their collective movement towards encouraging Kabul through constructive cooperation.The diplomat stressed that regional initiatives are crucial for ensuring border security.

According to Qomi, stability and security in the region are closely tied to those of Afghanistan. By assisting Afghan rulers in improving security through regional efforts, foreign presence can be prevented from reemerging in the country.Qomi concluded by accusing countries under the guise of ISIS Khorasan of seeking to establish a base in Afghanistan once again, highlighting how regional cooperation can counteract these intentions.


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